Assessor End of Year Update - 2018

Monday, 17 December 2018 to Wednesday, 2 January 2019

The CBD Program (hotline, email enquiries and processing) will be closed from 12 noon, 24th December 2018 AEST and recommence on 2nd January 2019. The Assessor Portal may still be accessed in this period. 

To maximise the chance that your BEEC, TLA, Exemption, or Accreditation is processed prior to the shutdown period you must submit applications by COB 14 December, together with any applicable payments.

Assessor Roadshow

 During 2018 many of you attended our face-to-face Assessor seminars in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.  We’d like to extend a big thank you to all who attended these events: we found these sessions very valuable.  We’ll be in touch with you again early in the new year to ask for more feedback on all aspects of the operation of our program.

IT Upgrades

Thank you for your patience during a number of short Portal system outages in the last few weeks.  These are associated with our ongoing IT upgrades.  The latest upgrades include automatic checks on the number of luminaires in the repeating block for the grid method and the size of the sample space for the Aggregate Methods. The portal now pops up with error messages if you enter invalid data for these items.

Level 2 TLA Audits

Thank you for providing your documents and photos for the latest rounds of audits this year. Auditors are making their way through the audits and if you have been audited your result will be with you soon. The next scheduled round of TLA audits will be held in March 2019. Keep an eye out for the email request. You will have ten business days to upload your information unless you arrange an extension of time with the CBD Compliance team.

Please keep in mind that Level 2 exemption audits can happen at any time.

CBD Compliance Monitoring Activities

The CBD Compliance team has collected evidence on various buildings thoughout this financial year and the investigation found that 18 percent of the buildings monitored were non-compliant from either not having a BEEC in place or from simple errors in the way the NABERS Energy rating was or wasn’t displayed.

All non-compliant buildings were returned to compliance or are in the process of being returned to compliance. Where it was found that the building had previously come to the attention of the CBD Compliance team, the building owner and agents were issued formal notices. If found to be contravening the BEED Act in the future, they may receive infringement notices.

Any questions can be forwarded to the CBD Team through